Dirty Jobs: Lithography

1 11 2009

In Barbara Nixon’s PRCA 3339 we watched Dirty Jobs starring Mike Rowe.  In the episode we watched, he was shown the process of creating a lithograph.  “A lithograph is an authorized reproduction of a piece of artwork, map, or text that has been created using a distinctive printing process” (definition from ehow.com).

While most naturally think of the show to be one that involves intensely disgusting (almost gag-worthy) scenarios, this one proved to be somewhat different and actually far more interesting than the typical stomach turning episodes.  “Why would we watch a television show such as this in a PR Publications class?”, one might ask.  Well because publications involve works such as brochures, flyers, business cards, etc., lithography fits right in.

At the beginning of the episode, the workers show Mike exactly what a lithograph is because many people do not know.  Further throughout the show you find why this subject is on dirty jobs.  He has to mix the colors for the lithograph, and this takes more work than one would think and, as the name of the show suggests, you get quite dirty.  Another reason why this is on Dirty Jobs is because after the printing of the lithograph, there is a certain way one must take the paper out and if you do it the wrong way, you can hurt yourself, others, or multiple lithographs.  This is a job where you must make sure everything you do is right.  As the worker on the show explained, you must never make a mistake.  So take into account his words, this is no “walk in the park” type of job!  This is hard work.

The episode was quite entertaining and I recommend it to anyone interested in lithography.