Sugar Daddy Ken Doll? Hmm.

31 10 2009

For the past 50 years, Barbie has brought young children role models in the form of dolls called Barbie Dolls.  Many little girls wishes for their birthdays and Christmas involved this so-called magical doll that exemplified beauty and fashion.  As the times have changed, so has Barbie.  She has acquired many siblings and friends such as her younger sister, Skipper, and friend/boyfriend Ken.  However, within the past years, Mattel has come to make Barbies that may be slightly questionable.  One prime example would be Barbie’s pregnant friend, Midge.  When this doll was released, many parents were more than against the doll for their children.

However now, one of the arguably most questionable dolls has been created.  “Sugar Daddy” Ken Doll has many consumers questioning the ethics of Mattel are more specifically the Barbie manufacturers.  While it’s actual debut is due next year, many are still confused on whether the doll should even be put out on the market.  This doll is specifically geared towards adult Barbie collectors, however because Barbie, in general, was geared towards younger children, it is cause a great deal of attention.

Personally, I believe that it is a little ridiculous to be creating a “Sugar Daddy”.  Anyone who is anyone would catch on that this is referring to a pimp, which is an illegal process that involves prostitutes.  Even though the doll is geared towards adult collectors, there is no way that children will not end up getting their hands on this doll.  While it is somewhat humorous, I too am not sure whether or not it is morally and ethically right for Barbie, a children’s toy manufacturer, to sell such a doll.

Information gathered from ABC news.