Putting Color In A Shape on InDesign

19 10 2009

When one first gets introduced to Adobe InDesign, the program can seem quite complicated.  There are so many different little actions that can be done that even the simplest of things can easily be forgotten or confused with other actions.  What I would like to explain to you is how to put color in a shape as well as put color on the border.

1.)  First, Open Adobe InDesign

2.)  Then Create a new document

3.)  Select a shape from the toolbar on the left (rectangle, ellipse, or polygon tool)

4.)  Go to the bottom of the tool bar and double flick “fill” (It will be a white square with a red diagonal line through the center)

5.)  A box will appear with a multitude of colors.  Use this to choose the color for your shape

****To Put Color on the Outline of a Shape:

1.)  Double click “stroke” (which will be to the right of the “fill” tool–it is a square with a black line around it)

And there you go!  You have put color within an object and learned how to change the color of the outline of the object!

While these are simple steps, it is always helpful to have a reminder in the little process of things within these types of programs.




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