28 09 2009


When a designer is trying to make a decision of which font to choose, they should “select font options that reinforce your key organization’s identity and deliver its key message effectively to the target public.”

Linda P. Morton explains that the best option is usually to use a more conservative font, however for Generation X and Y enter into the business field, less conservative fonts may become more popular for letterheads.

The typical font size for a business card is usually 7 points or under, but anything that fits on the 3.5 x 2 card will work as long as all of the necessary information is included.

For a brochure, the typical font size would be about 12, but at the same time it is appropriate to have a variety of font sizes depending on the design you choose.

There are actually many more fonts than InDesign shows you and most of them can be found on the internet.  The best and most reliable (and legal) source to find tons of fonts is at dafont.com .

For directions on how to download fonts for both Microsoft and Mac users, please visit this site: http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000563.htm

For Questions about dafont.com, visit their FAQ page.

Strategic Publications:  Designing for Target Publics by Linda P. Morton




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