Segmenting Publics

21 09 2009

My client for my brochure is PRSSA (Public Relations Student Society of America).  The way I would target the public is through education.  Because PRSSA is a student organization, the main target for the organization is students.  The design of the brochure will try to attract students at colleges and universities.  To further target certain students, I would try to attract the ones who are not only Public Relations majors, but also the students who are interested in pubic relations.  Because the brochure would be created to be geared towards students who are involved in PR, it would make sense to make the the design somewhat simple with professional looking typography as well as “fun-styled” photography such as “marker felt”.  There would be a number of pictures of students from previous years.  I would try and make the design appealing in the way that it would not have too many words or too many pictures; give it just enough balance to keep the reader interested in what the brochure has to offer.  All in all, I would want the brochure to rightfully represent the organization as well as attract students who are interested in PR and keep their attention throughout the entire brochure as well as persuade them to want to join.




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