Dashboard Confessional!

1 05 2009


Tomorrow at 8:oo p.m. at the RAC Bandshell, the band Dashboard Confessional is coming to Georgia Southern University and the concert is FREE.  A couple times a year, Eagle Entertainment finds popular bands or singers to come at play at the school.  This school year, the University has already had the pleasure of hosting a concert for Young Joc and O.A.R.  This time, I have the pleasure of being a volunteer for the concert.  

Eagle Entertainment has asked us to really step in and do some serious P.R. for the show tomorrow.  All the volunteers together have handed out thousands of handbills, hung posters all around Statesboro and surrounding counties, and hung door hangers on many of the apartment complexes and dorms around the school.  Many students even drove to their hometowns to promote the Dashboard Confessional concert at their high schools.  We have even gotten groups together to go around the school with chalk and write about when the concert is.  

Because GSU is becoming a campus with an increasing amount of students, this concert is expected to have an amazing turn out.  Thanks to the employees of Eagle Entertainment, our campus has had many amazing concerts in the past and will have many more to come.




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