PRCA Class–Monday, April 27

28 04 2009

Today’s intro to PR class informed me of a few heavy topics in the news recently.  539w

The first is Swine Flu.  Even though this has apparently been in the news, the first time I heard about this was in class.  I was told this is another strain of the flu and creates the same symptoms as the typical flu.  However, in Mexico, I heard there have been some fatalities due to the strain.  However, there have been no issues regarding this in Georgia…thankfully.

A second topic I learned about today in class was the earthquake in Mexico actually reported 10 minutes before our class time.  (Poor Mexico!).

Also discussed was the shooting at UGA.  Apparently, a professor at the University shot 5 people and left 3 dead and 2 hurt-one being his ex-wife.  While in class, a student raised her hands and announced that her friend had been in one of the alleged professor’s last classes.  She said that the professor apparently announced that the final exam for the class would be optional.  He is currently on the run. 

–This is one reason I love going to my Intro to PR class, every now and then I will hear about some extremely interesting and current news that I might not have heard about otherwise.




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30 04 2009

I feel awful for all that Mexico is dealing with right now. It’s actually scary to think how fast it’s spreading. I just heard today that Georgia’s been infected now. Better get hand sanitizer!

1 05 2009

I know! They just don’t have the resources they need to fight off an infection like that there. I really hope they are able to get what is now being called an ‘epidemic’ under control soon.

30 04 2009
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