Clarissa Explains it All

28 04 2009

clarissaexplainsitall_s1You know if there is one show that I miss from my childhood it would be Clarissa Explains it all.  The show came out on Nickelodeon in the early 90s and I watched it religiously until it went off the air.  Clarissa had an interesting pet that was a baby alligator named Elvis.  (Granted, that would have been really awkward if it was not a show).  Clarissa always wore the craziest, yet coolest clothes and I remember being in elementary school trying to copy the way she would dress.  The actress was Melissa Joan Hart who went on to play Sabrina in the serious Sabrina the Teenage Witch on abc and then later on abc family.  She was also in another movie called Drive Me Crazy that was a big hit.  Hart was also in other movies including some on Lifetime.  

All in all, the quirky/odd cast has a great place in my memories of being a younger girl.  Hopefully the programs on Nickelodeon today are as wholesome to kids as this show used to be for me.




2 responses

30 04 2009

I am so glad that someone remembers this show. It use to be one of my favs growing up.

1 05 2009

Seriously…this really was an awesome show.

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