48 Hours of Twitter

22 04 2009


This assignment was intended to give our class a second chance at Twitter.  The first time around, I really enjoyed Twitter and thought it was an amazing way to stay in touch with people on line as well as to learn new things literally everyday.  After our “one week of twitter” was over, I still kept twittering.  Even though I am not constantly on Twitter, as many people are, I still posted tweets here and there.  Twitter is the way that I even found my PR professional to interview for an earlier assignment.

You can find me on Twitter @sfarmer2.

Because I have been tweeting this entire time, I did not experience a huge change from our second assignment.  I have enjoyed Twitter from the very beginning and to this day, I am still amazing at how fast information gets around on Twitter.  I have noticed that after I see something in the news, the subject is immediately on Twitter left and right.  Another thing about Twitter that I really enjoy is that there are so many things you can learn from other people by using Twitter.  I, as well as the majority of the students in our class, are planning to pursue a career in public relations and the PR professionals that we were told to add have already given a plethora of useful information about the field.  The good thing about these professionals is that they all appear to be completely down to earth and post not only information about PR, but also other current subjects that are either extremely interesting or make you laugh.  

One person I would recommend following on Twitter is Brian Carter @briancarter-he is not exactly a PR professional but owns his own business and deals a lot with social media.  He always has interesting posts about what is going on in the world as well as humorous subjects.  Another person I might recommend following is Valerie @ValerieStevens.  She always has tons of good information about social media.  A third person would be Amy @beingamydietrich.  I feel like a lot of the time when I get on, she has posted wonderful information she heard in our intro to pr class.  So, if you go to Georgia Southern and are in the PR department, she might be a good person to follow.





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