Ending Another Year at Georgia Southern

12 04 2009

Even though ending a school year is very exciting, for me, it is also very emotional.  Each semester flies by faster than the other just as my parents used to tell me it would.  I have made tons of wonderful friends-some of who have transfered and others, well…we have just drifted apart.  In any case, so far I have had an amazing experience here at this University.  I have grown up so quick and learned so many new things.  

It has been hard for me to choose a major.  I was originally going to enroll to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and pursue a degree in Interior Design.  However, I ended up changing my mind and coming to Georgia Southern on the off chance that I might not want to graduate with an art degree.  When I got here, my major was simply art because I still was not sure what I wanted to do.  I then changed it to graphic design, nursing, and then settled into public relations.  I spent many hours at the William’s Center trying to figure out what major would be best for me.  I sat in their small library full of books about majors and researched tons of majors I felt like I might be interested in.  I also took a test telling me which direction I should steer towards as far as majors go.  

One day, when i was sitting in the William Center researching majors, I stumbled upon Public Relations.  Everything that the book mentioned seemed like things that I was completely interested in.  So right away I filled out a form to change my major to public relations.  I love how many things to do involving public relations when you get out of college.  I am extremely happy with my major of choice and cannot wait to graduate and begin to experience the work field.

Even though I am extremely happy and cannot wait to get out there, I also am slightly hesitant.  Even though I have done a considerable amount of maturing since freshman year, I still have a lot to go.  But this is a part of life and we all have to make that big leap.  The only thing to is to simply use the feeling of angst and add it to the feeling of determination.  My goal is to have a great last year at Georgia Southern and do amazing in my classes and graduate with as many volunteer hours as I possibly can.  As everyone else, i also want to land a great internship and a wonderful job either in Savannah or Atlanta and move my way up from there.  My ultimate goal is to work at a PR firm in either New York or Los Angeles.  It is a big goal, but I know I can do it.

I cannot wait to move on to exciting and wonderful things in my future.2557709272_f837bfbcaf-1




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