PR in Times of Crisis

7 04 2009

PRCA class on May 6th


4 Types of Crises:

  • Meteor- When something pops in and you had no idea it could or would possibly happen.  
  • Predator- This is where someone else causes your crisis for you.
  • Breakdown-  Where everything falls apart quickly.
  • Lingering- A crisis that does not ever really go away.  

One of the best things to do is to PLAN.

You might even want a pessimist on your team because they think of every negative situation that could happen–it prepares you for the worst.

In Barbara Nixon’s slideshow on her blog, she has a list of 7 Must Have Elements in Your Crisis Communication Kit.  

She also talks about Environmental scans.  This is where you search on google, twitter, or other websites like CustomScoop and search any negative comments that anyone has said about your business.

Basically, not every Public Relations situation is going to be easy…there are many situations that are difficult to deal with.  The best thing to do is understand how to deal with these circumstances beforehand.




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