Managing the Gray Podcast: Facebook Pages & Media Hacks

6 04 2009

I listened to my first podcast tonight from  It was an extremely interesting podcast about facebook, yet at the same time it was slightly confusing.  C.C. Chapman, the host, used some lingo here and there that I just didn’t quite understand.  I assume the more involved I get in PR, the more I will understand the language.  

mtg_itunes  In this podcast, C.C. started by talking about the new changes to Facebook.  The changes he is talking about have already occurred and I believe most users have become accustomed.  The host mentions how Facebook is extremely hard to ignore now and how it is a huge part of communication today.  Even business are starting to get involved with the Facebook craze.  However, since Facebook has a policy stating that only an actual person can have a profile, businesses have found a way to still use Facebook to get their word out there and it is called a fan page.  With this option the business, brand, individual, etc., can involve design elements in their page and really make it unique.  Now they have it to where it works like an actual profile along with the design elements.  C.C. talks about how this causes brands to actually be more social.  

Another topic of Facebook that C.C. Chapman talks about is how Facebook’s new changes makes your status updates more visible on your profile page and the home page also has an option for you to change your status.  The changes actually make Facebook look like it is going in the direction of a more advanced version of Twitter.  The host goes on to talk about how on the home page, not only are you be able to see current activity of your friends, but also of your favorite brands.  C.C. even talks about how he thinks Facebook might buy Twitter soon.

Managing the Gray’s Facebook fan page.

They even have an extremely convenient “white page” that takes you through everything about the fan page.

C.C. also promotes his podcast at  It is him, Mitch Joel, Chris Brogan, Chris Penn, Hugh McGuire, and Juliam Smith who all get on the phone and talk about media.  He even talks about how they might possibly get together and do a live media podcast.




2 responses

6 04 2009
C.C. Chapman

Thanks for checking out the show. I hope you’ll listen in to future ones.

What was some of the terms I used that you did not know. Happy to clear it up if need be either here or via e-mail.

8 04 2009

When I went back, the only thing I didn’t know what you were talking about was south by south west or the fray cafe.

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