Reflections on Seth Godin’s “Tribes”

4 04 2009


Seth Godin on Tribes




I will start off by saying that Seth Godin really knows how to put on a presentation.  He keep things upbeat and humorous and knows how to keep someone’s attention.  Rather than having plain, statistical power points, he has ones that are clever and humorous.

After watching his presentation about tribes, I was surprised to hear that everyone is part of a tribe in some way shape or form.  We all like to be part of something and like to be engaging in things other people like us are involved in.  We all like to be connected, and any group we are involved is considered to be a tribe.  Because everyone, in essence, wants to be a part of something, there are an infinite amount of tribes that are just waiting to be created!  He goes on to talk about how being part of a tribe is how you make connections and I don’t know about anyone else, but for my future job in PR, I really want to make connections (as many as I possibly can).  

To be successful in life, you don’t have to have a fancy office, you just need to figure out what type of tribe you are capable of leading.  Take something that really moves you and become a leader.  And to start out with, you don’t need millions of people. Godin talks about how all you need is 1,000 people who agree.  From there, you begin to make leadership connections.  However, “if you can’t get 100 people, you lose.”  Which is why we need to step up to the plate and risk getting criticized.  He explains about how it is not easy being a leader for fear of failure, but no one gets anywhere without risks.  


“Belonging to a tribe is a fundamental element of being a human.” – Seth Godin




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7 04 2009

I love the pictures you have on all of your blog posts. They go along great with what you are talking about!

8 04 2009

Thanks! Flickr has sooo many photos.

7 04 2009
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