Tips for PR Graduates

3 03 2009

Notes from Barbara Nixons PRCA 2330 Class…

TIPS for the job search:

•  Interviewing:

– After an interview, always send a thank you note–handwritten!—Along with a thank you by email

– If having to wear a name tag, always pin it on the right side–this is the side you shake hands with.

– Asking questions during job interviews does NOT make you sound pushy.

– Always stand up when someone walks into the room (man OR woman)

•  Company History:  Always look up the company’s history—

        – Growth Pattern–look at annual report (can be found online).

jobinterview1•  Types of Interviews:

        – Traditional– Only one other person.

        – Panel Interview–  Multiple people conducting the interview (Mainly look at the person who asks you a question, and glance at others.

        – Behavioral Interview–  What you have done in certain situations.  Explain in terms of “CAR”

           CAR= Circumstance    Action     Results

–  If the interview is over the phone or a webcam:

    – Get dressed up anyway!  (It will make you feel more professional)

    – Have your resume in front of you

    – Use a land-line telephone 

****Appearances DO matter:

 – Wear a suit or a suit skirt (with skirt, wear hoes)

 – **Some intervieweres look at shoes as how you take care of projects–if you pay attention to little details**

 – Limit piercings above the neck to 2 on each ear.

•  Body Language:

    1.  Eye Contact– Look at the person during conversation but don’t stare them down- it makes some people feel nervous.

    2.  Posture–  Sit/stand up straight (Always look poised and alert).

    3.  Focus–  Don’t bring anything you could begin to play with

•  At the end of an interview, the interviewer will ask if you have any questions–

        •  Questions to ask at the end of the interview:

                – Why is this position open?

                – How did you get started in this company?

                – What else can I provide to help you make your decision?

                – When can I expect to hear from you about the next stage in our process?




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